Don’t miss the special bonus of! Let’s play to get Bitcoin

I want to earn Bitcoins more! Where are the no-lose casinos?

I don’t know, but how do you like the one which offers excellent deposit bonuses instead?


Three Reasons why is Attractive

110% first deposite with bonus, although generally 100%. It’s a site-only bonus.
Fast transfers. It takes only three minutes.
Exciting free spins, monthly bonuses, and so on.

What Casino Games can I play at

Basically you can play major games there, such as baccarat, blackjack and slots. Besides, there are as many as six live casino studios and some of them squeeze the cards in the game of baccarat.

↑ The squeeze ritual is just like the top-right image. It’s nicely vivid and detailed. You can experience it at the studio “Evolution Gaming”.

Bonus Program

110% first deposit with bonus. It’s a site-only bonus and generally only 100%.
50% second deposite with bonus.
25% third or later deposite with bonus
Chance lottery, up to 2BTC for all users

That is a fabulous welcome bonus!

Please make sure that you follow the bonus rules when request a withdrawal.

Low Wagering and Low Minimum Deposit Requirements

The minimum deposit is 1mBTC (1/1000 of 1BTC). Let’s say that 1BTC equals to $2000, then you’ll need only $2 for the minimum deposit. This actually sounds very reasonable, considering it costs more than $20 at most of the online casinos.

The minimum wagering is 0.06mBTC. It’s even cheaper than the minimum deposit. I’d like to emphasize that It’ s not 0.06BTC. It equals to only about 12 cents. (I just couldn’t help asking support desk via live chat if it might be a mistake.)

Now we don’t have to worry about the case that we need more deposit to make a withdrawal with only small amount of chips. I believe only online casinos with low transfer fees could work out this way.


I was actually surprised at considerably low minimum wagering, and realize that this is a new age of online casinos. I’m all excited about the monthly various new bonus systems. I surely recommend to anyone who is open to Bitcoin.

How to Sign Up

Go to

Click “REGISTER IN 15 SECONDS” on top-right image.

Fill out a form with your Username, E-mail, Date of Birth, and Password. Then click “REGISTER” to complete.

→Create Account.

How to Get the exclusive Bonuse

Log in to your account and clisk “CASHIER”.


Type “BESTBET110” into the Code field, then click “ENABLE”.

Deposit in practice.

Then you’ll get the bonus.

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