1xBIT: The Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Site. Exclusive Bonuses and Low Transaction Fees!

1xBET is one of the most popular and historic Bitcoin bookmakers. However it has a disadvantage, the cost of transaction fees.

That’s disappointing. Small transaction fees were supposed to be the advantage of Bitcoin use.

So 1xBIT is here to satisfy people like you as a sister site of 1xBET. I see that it’s named after “BIT”coin.

By the way, it’s nothing unusual that one company runs more than one online casinos or bookmakers.

Let’s take a look three advantages of 1xBIT, comparnig 1xBET.


Low Deposit Fees

1xBET: $10 fee for $100 deposit.
1xBIT: About $1 fee for $100 deposit, depending on the Bitcoin wallet.

What makes such a big difference between them? 1xBET systemically exchange Bitcoin deposits into dollars and need some exchange fees.

1xBIT, on the other hand, doesn’t need to exchange them. This allows them to stay low, including only transfer fees.

2. A Rich Variety of Games As Many As 1xBET

It’s so untrue that 1xBIT offers smaller repertoire of games for specializing in Bitcoin.

1xBIT is affiliated with the same game company as 1xBET. Therefore it has the full popular selection available, such as a sportsbook, live casino games, and slots.

You can even play the sportsbook betting on Japanese sports and there are 33 slot game companies and 13 live casino studios to choose. So you’ll definitely find your favorite ones there.

3. Even More Excellent Bonuses Than 1xBET

The welcome bonus is especially remarkable and 25 times as much as 1xBET’s. 1xBIT offers up to 1BTC (about $2,500) whereas 1xBET up to $100.

※ Please follow the terms of use to get bonuses.
You must wager 40 times the amount of your first deposit on a sports betting before a withdrawal.

Therefore I recommend deposit bonuses to sports book players.

Besides bonus points as a cashback bonus for all bets is available and 500 points can be exchanged for 10mBTC (about $25) without wagering requirements.

An unlimited promotion is super!

How To Sign Up 1xBIT

Go to 1xBIT.

Click “Registration” on the upper left corner of the window.

Select a currency (mBTC) and enter your e-mail address.

1mBTC is hundredth part of 1BTC. For example, when the Bitcoin exchange rate is $2,500, 1mBTC is equal to $2.5.

Since the amount of 1BTC is already big, the smaller unit works here.

You’ll get mail including a user ID and a password. Then log into your 1xBIT account.

(Change your password later if you please.)

How To Deposit

Click “Deposit” on the upper left corner of the window.
Select “bitcoin” for your payment method.
Bitcoin address will be displayed on the screen. Send bitcoins from your Bitcoin wallet.

The mimimun amounts of deposit is 5mBTC (0.005BTC).

I actually sent some deposits!

I found my account receive it in about 15 minutes. As you see, it’s pretty easy to deposit Bitcoins at 1xBIT. And so Bitcoin users should try it once!

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